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The Otamatone, the Most Annoying Musical Instrument Ever?

If you want to hear maybe the most annoying musical instrument, listen to this.

The instrument is called an Otamatone. It is basically an electronic music synthesizer. It’s a toy instrument made by CUBE toy company in Japan.

As you can see, it’s shaped like an eight musical note (some say it looks like a tadpole). The sound comes out of the “mouth” on the notepad. You need to use two hands to play the Otamatone. One hand squeezes the head while the other hand on the stem controls the pitch of the tune.

It comes not only in yellow but other colors like white, blue and pink.

There is the Otamatone Jumbo, which is the size of a guitar. How annoying would that be?

Well, if you’re in the mood, listen to Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus on the Otamatone below.

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