A baby emu. (wikimedia commons)

Not Every Day You See an Baby Emu Chick Playing With a Dog

It’s not every day that you see a baby emu chick playing with a dog. The result is too cute as you see in the below gif.

If you didn’t already know, emus are the largest birds in Australia (and second largest bird in the world behind the ostrich). They can get as tall as over 6 feet and weigh over 120 pounds. That’s a good thing for this little dog, right?

This baby emu is pretty cute, but did you know emus have a sharp talon on each leg they use to fight? You shouldn’t want to tangle with an adult emu.

Emus are flightless birds, though. They usually mate during the summer. Male emus will actually incubate the eggs also.

Baby emus can actually get pretty active after hatching. So this guy running around is typical. They can stand about 10 inches tall like this cute little guy. They have brown fluffy feathers with brown and cream stripes, again like this little guy in the gif.

Emu diets consists of seeds, flowers, insects, grains, caterpillars and even small rodents, as the are omnivores.

Despite being big birds, emus are pretty docile and curious. They can actually be tamed and make good pets.

One thing you can tell in the gif, emus are pretty fast. They can run up to 30 miles per hour. This luck dog will have an active playmate!

Ever wonder what a baby emu looks like while playing with a dog

More fun facts:

Emus have 2 sets of eyelids. One for blinking and one for keeping out dusts.

Emus can rely on their fat reserves and go for long periods of time without food. However, they do need water on a daily basis.

Like birds, emus will eat grains, rocks and stones to help facilitate their digestion.

They are excellent swimmers, and can travel thousands of miles each year.