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Magic Trick Cracks Up Orangutan!

This is so hilarious! Evidently, nothing impresses an orangutan more than a magic trick. I’m going to try this the next time I’m at the zoo with an orangutan.

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Humans Ate Orangutans!

Did you know that humans have hunted orangutans for tens of thousands of years? Orangutan charred bones have been found at archaeological sites.

In the wild, orangutans live mostly in trees. They are actually the largest tree-dwelling mammals in the world. They are kind of picky sleepers. They build a new nest to sleep in every night. They have a life span about 50 years.

They’re Really Smart

Orangutans are considered one of the most intelligent of animals. They display impressive creative thinking skills. They can be taught sign language. They are even smart enough to plan out trips and map out routes. (Haha, I bet they would be able to use a GPS or even Google Maps!)

Orangutans have been known to learn behaviors from humans. They have learned to do things like blow out candles, eating with spoons, and even cooking pancakes! So if you’re around an orangutan, watch your behavior.

Watch What You Say or Do Around an Orangutan

Another orangutan taught herself to whisper after listening to a zookeeper at Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C who repeatedly whispered on the job. This was the first know case of an ape or monkey teaching themselves to imitate a human sound.

Orangutans make bad pets. They will tear up everything. They will also try to eat everything, even batteries and candles. Yes, they are smart and funny, but they don’t make good pets.

In 2009, a female orangutan deliberately short-circuited an electric fence in a zoo in Australia. She was able to escape but then decided she like it better in her enclosure and returned. No visitors at the zoo was hurt as she was not aggressive.

Don’t Give Them the Wifi Password

A zoo in Miami, Florida uses iPads to enrich their orangutans. They found that the orangutans learned to use the iPads to communicate. After awhile, they wanted to know the wifi password. (OK, that’s not true about the wifi password, just kidding).

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