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Ick, Her Stool Sample Looked Like This!

A patient went to the doctor’s office and gave this stool sample!


That’s pretty funny. Wonder how she delivered that stool sample? 😮

Anyway, here are some facts about how stool samples are used:

A culture is taken from the patient’s stool sample and then germ growth is promoted on the culture. The culture is negative if no germs grow. If germs do grow, the types of germs are analyzed and identified.

– the types of germs identified can identify the cause of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
– if a person is a carrier of a disease, a stool sample analysis can help identify what disease he is carrying
– there are actually home stool sample kits you can get from the doctor’s office or can even be mailed to you

Check this link on how to check your own stool sample:


OK, that’s about as much as we can write about this icky topic.

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