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Freezing Dog Cries for Help, Rescuer Risks Life to Help

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Dogs are man’s best friend and you hear about dogs rescuing people. What happens when man’s best friend needs rescue? In this case, a dog fell into a frozen pond and is losing strength fast. Lucky for it, his cries attract help by firemen rescuers. I think the great highlights in this video are as follows:

At: 0:36 Holding on for dear life, rescue at last!

The dog is barely hanging on to the edge of the ice, gradually slipping into the ice cold water. Its strength is fading and if it goes under, it surely means death. The dog’s cry for help is heartbreaking. The fireman rescuer finally reaches the dog. The dog is still crying and by this time, it may go into shock. Can the dog be rescued in time?

At 1:05 Pulled to safety

The man is finally able to get the dog on to the ice. He has a safety rope on himself and they slowly pull him and the dog to safety.

At 1:20 Rescue at last!

Both man and dog is pulled out of the icy water. Will the dog make it?

At 2:20 You’ll be alright, doggie

They wrap the dog up in a blanket. The dog is likely exhausted at this point. But everything is OK. They rub and pet the dog to warm him up. Don’t worry, this doggie will live to play fetch another day. Just make sure it doesn’t jump into an icy pond again.

Watch the entire video below:

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