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Endless Cute Kittens Climbing Up on You

(via Facebook)

Those kitties are cute but their claws must be sharp.

Looks like an endless cycle of kittens climbing up on the girl. I count 6 kittens.

This video reminds me of the one where the guy was being attacked by like 10 cute little puppies.

Also, watching this video got me to collate this list of fun facts about cat claws:

1) Cats have retractable claws, allowing them to walk quietly and keep the claws sharp.

2) Cats project their claws out by contracting tendons.

3) Cat claws are curved, helping them to hold on to prey.

4) Cats have a “thumb claw” called a dew claw.

5) Cats claws are made of keratin, the same stuff human nails and hair are made of.

6) Cats like to claw things to keep their claws sharp and also to mark their territory.

7) Cats claws grow continuously like human finger nails, and they also shed the outer sheath of their claws.